Locals Visit Free at Colonial Williamsburg


As you might have seen if you follow @watermelonsgrow on Instagram, James, Anne and I visited Colonial Williamsburg this weekend to take advantage of the GREAT opportunity they currently have going on. Through August 15, #HRVA locals can receive free passes to Colonial Williamsburg. All you have to do is show your ID with your local address on it, and boom! You're in. 

We've done the CW thing several times (click here for our other Williamsburg posts), but because A. is so young and the passes are so expensive, we'd never done the full tour until now. It definitely was a better experience, being able to pop in to visit the places that are usually for pass-holders only -- the printing office, the jewelers, etc. We really enjoyed visiting the shoemakers and watching them at their craft and J. of course was fascinated by the guns and ammo at the town magazine.

Local residents can also upgrade to an annual pass during their visit for only $21 for adults and $10.50 for children -- a fabulous deal considering that the passes usual go for three times that amount. If you think you might want to visit this fall or throughout the holiday season (one of the best times to visit the CW), now is definitely the time to act.

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