Hampton Master Gardeners Display Garden


A few weeks ago, James's parents came to visit and we spent an afternoon at Bluebird Gap Farm, one of our favorite weekend spots. That October day the Hampton Master Gardener's display garden was in bloom with fall pretties and we spent some extra time exploring it. A lot of time, actually -- there was a lot to see.

The garden is bigger than it looks from a distance, divided into beds for flowering plants, veggies and fruits, bulbs, grasses, and evergreens. There's a scent garden and rain garden and spots to showcase things like bog plants and compost and xeriscaping (A. and I loved poking around the Bug House and I think we might end up making one for our own yard?). Oh, and there's also a little free library full of books on nature and gardening manuals. Don't forget that. (We brought home Manfish, which has started us on a journey of all things Jacques Cousteau).

Most people head to Bluebird Gap for the animals but the garden is worth a trip in itself. And if you're thinking of visiting, make sure to stop in for the Bluebird Gap fall festival this Saturday (Nov. 21). More info about that here.

If you're looking to enjoy this fair fall weather and get outside a little more before it gets cold, check out our #HRVA Garden Guide here

A [Boo]kish Halloween


 This Halloween, we took costume inspiration from some of our favorite kids' books.

A. surprised me by insisting that she did NOT want to be Elsa (the first time in three years! Yay!) Instead, she wanted to be a flamingo. Flora and the Flamingo is one of her favorite books -- she loves to sit and "read" it by herself when she's in a quiet mood.

So we cobbled together a flamingo costume in an explosion of pink. Pink chucks, pink tutu, pink leotard and tights in the exact right matching shade of fuchsia (thank you, Rit Dye). A feather boa and a felt mask that is quite possibly my greatest sewing triumph even including the quilts I have made. It's hard to get a flamingo beak to curve in just the right way. And I have the hot glue burns to prove it.

Anouk chose Harold and the Purple Crayon to inspire Augustus's costume. It's also one of our faves. This one was much easier to put together: a blue sleeper and a felt crayon. Et voila. By the way, I must also point out that this book caused Anouk to lobby hard for Harold as Gus's name while I was pregnant with him. But obviously we're not into old man names for little babies so we nixed it.

I didn't have the time/wherewithal to make a costume for myself, but if anybody asks, I'm going to tell them that I'm Nobody. From Goodnight Moon, get it?

What are your kids dressing as this Halloween? Have a great & spoooooky weekend, everybody!

A Pumpkin fairy house


This is one of my favorite fall activities ever and probably a new tradition in our family. It's also Anouk's brilliant idea and her first project contribution to the blog! "Mom, can we make a fairy house  out of one of our pumpkins and take pictures of it for the internet?" That's kind of the name of my game, kid!

A. used a marker to draw where she wanted the windows and doors, I cut, and then we decorated the whole thing with a mix of things found in our craft box and things found in our yard. Magnolia leaves made a perfect roof (straight pins from the sewing basket kept them in place). Moss made a carpet. Rosemary in a little pot gave the fairies something nice to smell and look at. Little acorn caps (the squirrels have been busy in our neighborhood) were stepping stones and also hats for the fairies to wear in case they felt like dressing up. At night a little "fire" (AKA battery operated candle) lights up the windows behind the dotted fabric curtains. 

"How will we know when the fairies have moved in?" <-- that's when I realized that my kid really does believe in fairies. Do I encourage this or sort of wink at it? I don't know but I do know that as soon as it stops raining around here, the fairies are going leave a trail of glittery footsteps in washable (hopefully?) paint leading up to their house. 

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