Wrap Review: Natibaby Homestead


For the past several weeks, we've been testing a Marsupial Mamas exclusive wrap, Natibaby Homestead. We were lucky enough to get to try this wrap in a variety of styles -- 100% cotton in a broken in size 4 and loom-state size 6 and a 50/50 cotton-wool blend in a size 4. (In the photos in this post, the burnt-orange colored wrap is the cotton and the green is the wool blend).

Homestead is thick and blankety but doesn't feel too bulky or beastly. In loom state, it was rough and textured but after one wash and a day of wearing, it felt almost as floppy as the previously broken-in version. There was enough cush so that I was able to wear Gus for hours at a time without my shoulders getting tired and enough stretch so that I was able to move passes into place with ease. But once they were in place, the microtexture locked them there without slipping.

Cotton Homestead in a 6 made an easy and comfortable double hammock, and really shined in a simple ruck. Gus stayed high without sagging and without popping his seat, which is saying a lot as he is a champion bouncer and leaner these days. This wrap is a true workhorse/beater wrap -- it's the kind you want to wear while you're doing heavy duty chores or housework. The design of Homestead was inspired by the art of Terry Redlin, a master of the wilderness scene and I found myself gravitating toward it whenever I was going to be outdoors for a while, hiking or gardening or even for an afternoon of strawberry picking. Still, it was cuddly enough for when my still little guy wanted a wrap nap which he did a lot (because apparently Homestead comes with extra sleepy dust, too).

As far as the wool version of Homestead goes -- Natibaby wool must be magic because after being washed once and laid flat to dry, this wrap was so soft that I felt like I had to confirm with Marsupial Mamas that it actually was wool! As someone with a wool sensitivity, I can safely say that this wool was not prickly or itchy at all. Because spring in Virginia is changeable, I was able to wear wool Homestead in both hot and cool weather and it was equally comfortable in both. I appreciated the added strength and bounce that came with the wool version and the pop of emerald made me smile every time I saw it.

Overall: I'd recommend Natibaby Homestead as ideal for bigger infants all the way up to big kids. I'd recommend the wool version to the woolie beginner and for anyone who wants the stretch and support of wool without the fussiness! To get your own Homestead, visit the Marsupial Mamas marketplace here. And be sure to come back and let me know how much you love it!

P.S.: The little line of ducks swimming across this wrap slays me every time. *heart eyes*

We ♥ Baby Talk Cafe


My friend and fellow local blogger Brittany introduced me to Baby Talk Cafe in the Churchland area of Portsmouth and I'm so glad she did! It's difficult sometimes to find a place where, as a parent, you can go with your child and not feel like you have to spend your whole time there wrangling your child to act like an adult. Baby Talk Cafe is a coffee house that is set up specifically to let kids and adults coexist happily in the same place, and the result is wonderfully welcoming and comfortable, the kind of place you want to go back to again and again. The cafe's motto is "more than a cafe -- a community" and it really truly is.

We met up there a week or so ago for an impromptu play date and had a great time. The kids ran around in the (generously sized) play area. The moms sat on comfy couches and talked and drank coffee (which is actually GOOD) while the owner, Tanya, chatted with us about some of the upcoming events Baby Talk has hosted (including craft nights and game nights, vendor marketplaces and story times).

I posted something on Facebook last week about feeling overwhelmed since Gus was born and I get acquainted with the task of managing two children. Since then, I've heard from people telling me that they struggle with this, too.  I appreciate places like Baby Talk that let us relax and unwind WITH our kids (since it's hard to carve out time away from them). Remember to do something nice for yourself today, everyone!

Pie Face


We've been trying to have our friends over to dinner one night a week and last week, Molly brought PIE FACE, which holds the current title as messiest and also funnest game in our repertoire. Basically, the idea is Russian roulette but with whipped cream -- you roll the die, turn the lever the appropriate number of times and hope that you escape without pie (whipped cream) on your face.

The best part is that every single person who plays makes the same face while playing their turn. You can see it up there. That squinched up wait-for-it face. Makes for the best pictures.

What are you guys playing lately? HAPPY WEEKEND!

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